Once your login is successfull, you will be redirected to the required page. If the login is not successfull, you will obtain a notification message saying that the authentication failed. In the event the login is successfull but you are continously being redirected to this page without any notification message, this would then mean an excessive amount of security in your browser interferes with the operation of this site.

The following points could be the cause of this situation:
  1. Users using Microsoft Internet Explorer may find themselves in the situation that Internet Explorer refuses to accept the cookie for this site. To resolve the issue, you may go in "Tools\Internet Options\Security\Trusted Sites\Sites". In there, you will see this site ready to be added in the list of trusted sites. Make sure that the option "require https" is checked off. You would need to close all instances of Internet Explorer and restart the browser for this change to take effect.
  2. It has been reported that Anonymizer 2005 could cause problems during the login. To adjust the situation, simply set Anonymous Browsing Off for this site.
  3. Users running Live Onecare might found themselves in the situation that they are constantly being forwarded to the login page, even if the login is successfull. To resolve the issue, simply disable Live Onecare.

  4. Users running Microsoft Internet Explorer may experience difficulties doing their login. To resolve the issue, you may go in "Tools\Internet Options\Privacy". You may change the Settings meter to "Accept All Cookies" or click on "Sites" and add this site to the managed sites list. This should be added as "Allow".

  5. Users running Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 may experience difficulties doing the login even after having verified the other two points in regards to Microsoft Internet Explorer has described in this page. If this is the case, you may try to remove all temporary files and cookies. Then, restart your browser. Make sure that all instances of the browser have been removed from memory. This has resolved the situation in one particular case.

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